Ubojania indyków INDYK-ŚLĄSK has been active in the Polish market since 1995. Its roots lie in the turkey breeding. After approx. one year INDYK-ŚLĄSK began with the slaughter and wholesale of turkey products. Strong growth and the economic development led to the spin-off company INDYK-ŚLĄSK as an independent slaughter-house. This dynamic development enabled INDYK-SLASK to integrate the new experiences into production processes and so further develop its market share at home and overseas. The enterprise has access to several breeding companies in which the slaughter turkeys are bred for INDYK-ŚLĄSK’s own needs. To better meet the requirements of the consumers and market demands, the comany continually analyses its employees and the market. INDYK-ŚLĄSK has constantly made investments, in order to develop and to protect the production chain.

The company was recompensed for the immense investments by a decision of the state veterinary surgeon office in Tarnowskie Gory from the 1st July, 2004, whereby INDYK-ŚLĄSK received the right for unlimited trade in the markets of the European Union.

The processes of development of enterprise INDYK-ŚLĄSK are marked by a huge dynamism and creativity. Constant improvements to the production technology and product quality are the conformation of these traits. Our special attention concentrates on the consideration of the health and hygiene regulations which are constantly supervised by the state veterinary surgeon and INDYK-ŚLĄSK’s specialists.

INDYK-ŚLĄSK has established a HACCP - quality assurance system. It allows the analysis of the hazards at critical checkpoints. This quality assurance system is an internationally approved system of food safety.

The strategic and primary goals of INDYK-ŚLĄSK are to exceed the requirements of customers and to be able to predict their future expectations.

Persons engaged in the company development... INDYK-ŚLĄSK possesses a long-standing and certified personnel, which exerts itself to the development and goals of the enterprise. The huge growth phase and development stage of INDYK-ŚLĄSK would not have been possible without the engagement and the personal identification of the employees with the enterprise. The human capital forms an integral part of INDYK-ŚLĄSK’s enterprise philosophy. The management realises the importance of this and improves constantly the existing working terms to keep the valuable employees as well as to win new ones. The quality of the products is an integral result of the satisfaction of the employees and their engagement in working processes. INDYK-ŚLĄSK’s biggest potential beside the newest technologies and reliable arrangements are people and their possibilities, abilities and their professionalism.

Collaboration and support of persons and institutions... The foundation phase of the company was supported by the excellent collaboration of municipality Zbroslawice and the town Tarnowskie Góry.