Ubojania indyków Not only the best quality of raw materials, but also the technology plays a special role in the production chain entailed in the turkey slaughter and processing. The technological slaughter process and the processing are constantly checked by highly qualified food engineers and supervision systems. This system enables a faster reaction to and avoidance of the possible disturbances, so that no products that do not conform to quality, can reach customers. To be able to meet the high expectations of the customers INDYK-ŚLĄSK has invested in state of the art production lines. The company now has only advanced technological production lines, which will define new high-class standards in the future. Constant development and training of the employees and the executives are natural for INDYK-ŚLĄSK. The purpose of this is the most suitable application and use of new technologies. Thanks to this enterprise philosophy the products of INDYK-ŚLĄSK distinguish themselves by their excellent quality, high food values and hygiene.