According to the guidelines of the European Union the HACCP system has been implemented - an internationally approved system for the food safety.

The abbreviation HACCP comes from English (Hazard analysis and Critical Points) and signifies the analysis of hazards and critical checkpoints in the production and chain of delivery. This system especially suits the food enterprises and guarantees food hygiene. System HACCP is an approved, successful system which guarantees that the food is not spoilt or contaminated and is safe for the consumer.

The principles of food production, that are acknowledged by European Union GMP/GHP, are established in the guideline 93/43/European Economic Community regarding food hygiene. This guideline is directed to the member states of the EU which must integrate these regulations into their legislation. The enterprises which deal with the production or traffic of food in every member state of the EU must apply these principles in their hygiene practise. The guideline 93 / 43 / European Economic Community requires the introduction of the system HACCP in all enterprises which deal with the production, traffic, storage, transport and delivery of food (excluding basic agricultural production).