Ubojania indyków The basis of INDYK-ŚLĄSK’s efforts is the full accessibility, system, and customer orientation. To ensure the contentment of customers, the enterprise Integrates all employees in the projects and in the realization of the planning. Thanks to INDYK-ŚLĄSK’s production organization and the logistics the company is able to deliver within 24 hours after order entrance.

About the logistics systems of INDYK-ŚLĄSK... INDYK-ŚLĄSK possesses a logistics centre with its own automobile park with new trucks. This enables the delivery of the ordered products directly to the delivery point, just in time and in the required quantity. Every TRUCK is equipped with a navigation-system GPS to guarantee the constant connection between the driver and logistics management. The vehicle park of INDYK-SLASK consists only of special vehicles which were altered or produced especially for its products. Due to quality-management and processes in the organization, as well as the experienced employees who are oriented to future, INDYK-ŚLĄSK is able to transport meat products efficiently, safely on time.